Ashley Loring-HeavyRunner’s family turning to D.C.

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After at least 18 months of searching for Ashley Loring-HeavyRunner, her sister Kimberly Loring has decided to take her sister's story to Washington D.C.

prednisone purchase canada Kimberly tells us, the family spoke with Senator Tester back in April about how he wanted to do more to help find Ashley and share her story. Then, Ashley’s family was given an opportunity to be apart of the missing and murdered indigenous women hearings in D.C.

neurontin 800 mg street value Kimberly said they want to shine light on how important it is to bring awareness about the missing indigenous women crisis occurring across Montana.

"We worked so hard to make sure that everybody knew that Ashley was missing. We searched a lot of grounds for Ashley, and we went everywhere speaking her name and telling her story. Everybody needs to know that Ashley is missing, and by doing that we also helped other people that have gone missing and murdered," said Kimberly Loring.

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