is it safe to buy viagra online canadian pharmacy The Red House TV series is a crime thriller about the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women, and the relationship many of these cases have to frack sites in or near their communities.

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A rash of sexual assaults and the recent murder of Great Lakes Industries (GLI) gas driller, Rex Taylor, have alarmed the small town of Red House, PA.

It’s up to town sheriff, Dean Lockwood, a quick-tempered gambling addict, to ease townspeople’s anxieties and solve the crimes. Fearing that his younger brother Jake, an ex-con with a history of altercations with drillers, might be implicated, he sets out to prove his brother’s innocence.

Meanwhile, on the neighboring Allegany Reservation, Rachel Heron, daughter of tribal chief, George Heron, has recently vanished. As best friends and fishing buddies George has asked Dean to plead with the FBI to step in. When the FBI abruptly closes the case, George blames Dean, citing his gambling addiction and lack of reliability as the reason, straining their friendship.

Rachel’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Madison is on her own mission to find her missing mother, and in doing so has uncovered a direct link between her mother's disappearance and Rex’s murder. When her investigation crosses paths with Dean’s however, he tries to discourage her actions, fearing for her safety, and George’s anger. Madison soon proves herself invaluable as Dean’s case moves into tribal territory.

When the mutilated bodies of two Native women are discovered, Dean and Madison suspect they have a serial killer on their hands, and that Rachel’s disappearance and Rex’s death are linked to the murders.

Meanwhile, Red House is struggling with dead livestock, and leaking gas wells, endangering the town. When a group of activists stir up trouble, GLI general manager, Roy Hoffman reverts to military-style tactics to quell the unrest, ending with disastrous results.

As they hunt down the killer Dean and Madison will face opposition from GLI who wants to protect their assets, and a drug kingpin out for payback, leading them to break multiple laws and partner with a less than reputable character in the form cruel and manipulative casino owner, Cassius “Jenk” Jenkins-Greywolf.

The body count will rise, a town will burn, heroes will go to jail, and that’s just the first season.