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UPDATE – Feb 4, 2019 – The FBI says they are no closer to identifying the human remains found on…

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In June of 2017, Ashley Loring HeavyRunner went missing. For over a year, her sister Kimberly Loring and other family members and…

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After at least 18 months of searching for Ashley Loring-HeavyRunner, her sister Kimberly Loring has decided to take her sister’s…

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The sister of a missing Blackfeet woman in Montana expressed frustration Wednesday over law enforcement’s initial response to her loved…

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THE searchers rummage through the abandoned trailer, flipping over a battered couch, unfurling a stained sheet, looking for clues. It’s…

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Three Indigenous women testified at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday to share stories of personal loss and profound frustration with a…

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The Washington State Patrol is looking into if the state should do more to address a crisis of missing and…

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Leaders are Convening at Rosebud Sioux Nation near the Keystone XL Pipeline Route for National Day of Awareness for Missing…

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